My Story: Part 001

WARNING: The following entry deals with abuse of various kinds, as well as a brief mention of eating disorders. When I told my ex husband, “I don’t love you anymore and I want a divorce,” he immediately began to cry. “This isn’t happening,” he wailed, and begged me to change my mind. I remember I … Continue reading My Story: Part 001

Tiny Thoughts: Videogames

Me when I was bullied for being a nerd in junior high and high school: I can’t wait to not be a nerd someday. Me in my mid-thirties, talking about videogame dialogue trees and NPC programming: Whatever. At least I get laid now. *shrug*

Quick Thank You: 000b

I just wanted to post a quick note to those of you who have followed me already. You are seriously so appreciated and are inspiring me to take this blog idea I’ve had for years and DO IT. There are going to be some dark posts, but as I mentioned in my blog post 000, … Continue reading Quick Thank You: 000b