stardust, pennies, & mirrors

there was a first timethe wordL O V Ewas used. ever since,we’ve beenchasing stardust,collecting pennies,& polishing mirrors. now we knowwhen the universe ends,we’ll be ready for curtainsand walk offstageholding hands.

I am the Phoenix rising

Burn myself into a cinderI’ll be rising, ever higherInto fire, wings ignitingAsh is falling, I am rising Smoke and bloodSnow and ashWater, fireSoul and body I am the Phoenix rising Star to starWe’ll pay our duesThen be rebornAnd love anew I am the Phoenix rising

In the center of existence…

In the center of existencethere is a star that shinesbright with every soul. Its pulse bleeds musicorchestrated bythe coming togetherof all hearts. The brightest light imaginableshines forgivenessacceptancelove. And across timeenergies collidebeautiful imperfection.