Quick Thank You: 000b

I just wanted to post a quick note to those of you who have followed me already. You are seriously so appreciated and are inspiring me to take this blog idea I’ve had for years and DO IT.

There are going to be some dark posts, but as I mentioned in my blog post 000, I will do my utmost best to include trigger warnings with those posts.

My goal is to write a blog entry a week. If I can get in the habit of doing that, more blog posts will likely come as the floodgate opens. For now, expect one a week. I’m sure there will be weeks I miss (life, pandemic, mental health issues), but I will certainly try to meet this goal to keep content coming.

Again, thank you for following me so early in this journey. My dorky, anxiety-riddled heart sees you all and appreciates you very much.

Please stay safe and stay tuned!



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