Stay Tuned

Please watch this space for an upcoming blog about spiritual epiphanies, the nature of reality, self love and acceptance, and a whole lot of dorks was.

It’s time to share my story. It’s time to be brave and share my journey as I see it.


I have so much to say, and this past year has really led to a lot of pondering on the human I am, how I got to be here, and any lessons I’ve learned along the way.

I have stories in me about anxiety, depression, bullying, abuse, and being a dork.

I know I have not been writing here, but please know I will make use of this space when the time is right. I only hope my people will find me.

Love and Light,


It Will Never Be Enough (for Evey)

Confronted with this fleeting life, aware of my own mortality. 

Waves of realization overwhelm me as the future becomes absolute. 

Terror, chased away by memories of how you looked when we first met.

That first warm and gentle greeting as your eyes peered into my heart.

Once you weren’t there and then you were; now it is as though you have always been…

…near me,

… beside me,

… my solitary witness,

… my dear one, my Evey, my love.

Give me another day, another breath, another night.

It will never be enough.

Tiny Buried Star

I want you all to know
I want you all to know
That I was there and saw a face
That I was there and saw a face
I came upon a little house
I came upon a little house
And well within that little house
A tiny, buried star
A star kept cradled in a bed
And deep within that burning bed
A mote of fear
A mote of love
A brightly burning life.

I Was the Voice

I found an old picture of me and my ex.

It was like looking at two complete strangers.

I looked at me in the photo and said, “you will be happy. I promise.”

I thought I heard God, but looking back, I think I understand now.

I was the voice that saved me that night.