Videogames and Mass Effect

My parents only let me have a Game Boy for the longest time, but for some reason, I always borrowed copies of Nintendo Power magazine at the library. I’d read the walkthroughs to EVERY GAME. I didn’t even really WANT the games themselves (I just liked reading walkthroughs of games I couldn’t play, I guess). I would go frame by frame as it showed you the level progressions with secret tips, pretending I was playing it as I animated the pages in my head, imagining playing the games.

I’m almost 37 and just realized I am really into games and have been ever since I first played Mystery House, O’Dell Lake, and Oregon Trail on the old Apple IIe computers we had at school in fourth to fifth grades.

The Mass Effect trilogy didn’t feel like a game. It felt so real. The first game has flaws (I’m not good at games and always play on casual) LIKE DRIVING THE MAKO, and the freaking elevator loading screens… BUT I CRIED SO MUCH IN THE SERIES… when Thane dies… and our favorite Salarian…I also, as a non-binary nerd, have a soft spot for the fact that you could be in non-straight relationships in the games. That helped me SO MUCH.

Anyway… rambling… just wanted to say…videogames are awesome.

TL;DNR Dorky quiet middle aged person fondly recalls pretending to play videogames with Nintendo Power and realizes Mass Effect is superbly rad.