It Will Never Be Enough (for Evey)

Confronted with this fleeting life, aware of my own mortality. 

Waves of realization overwhelm me as the future becomes absolute. 

Terror, chased away by memories of how you looked when we first met.

That first warm and gentle greeting as your eyes peered into my heart.

Once you weren’t there and then you were; now it is as though you have always been…

…near me,

… beside me,

… my solitary witness,

… my dear one, my Evey, my love.

Give me another day, another breath, another night.

It will never be enough.

A Reason to Love

This cat has literally saved my life. We’ve been in each other’s lives for 14 years (she’s around 16) and no amount of time will ever be enough. She’s old, so every day with her is precious. I know someday she will leave, but I am who got to receive her love.