Evey’s Song #1

Comfort me
I feel unwhole
Put your head upon my chest
When you’re free
Please wait for me
You have earned your rest

Time was short
I feel your pulse
Slow and gently end
Hold me close
My perfect one
My soul mate, my best friend

Perfect face
Perfect voice
Forever in my soul
Who am I
Without you
My love, please don’t go

Where you were
An empty space
A you-shaped hole inside
Stay near me
Be ever close
You’ll never really die

The sharpest pain
My cross to bear
So you could go be free
Roam the worlds
And chase the stars
I feel you next to me

My love, my love
My precious one
My heart
My soul

I Loved I Love You

I loved you when my heart broke and we smoked in your car.

I loved you when you brought me back by saying “I love you.”

I loved you when we held her as she left from this world.

I loved you when we got lost and forgot who we are.

I love you forever, for always, for being my you.

A Series of Perfect Moments

I struggle to find the right moment in a series of perfect moments.

I search for the perfect time, when the words will tumble out of my mouth and into your heart.

Every moment spent with you is the right moment, and my anxiety whispers, “I’m sure he knows.”

But what if you don’t know?

What if you don’t know how much I care?

I cradle your head in my lap, smooth your hair and whisper “I love you” as you slip into your sleep.

I am the Phoenix rising

Burn myself into a cinder
I’ll be rising, ever higher
Into fire, wings igniting
Ash is falling, I am rising

Smoke and blood
Snow and ash
Water, fire
Soul and body

I am the Phoenix rising

Star to star
We’ll pay our dues
Then be reborn
And love anew

I am the Phoenix rising